Тема: Ford VCM 2
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По умолчанию

The VCM II was developed to have comparable coverage to the VCM. It will include 802.11 Wireless when launched as part of the base price (not a separate item).

All VCM II's will also be upgradeable to operate as a Customer Flight Recorder (CFR) to replace the functionality of the current Vehicle Data Recorder (VDR), which is no longer available. The VCM II has CFR capability with the addition of an optional Pendant cable. The Pendant cable is available at an extra minimal cost. Some of the highlights of the VCM II are:

The VCM II is designed to have comparable vehicle and model year coverage to the current VCM.
Enhanced 802.11 wireless that includes USB wireless cards for the VCM II and PC, which removes dependency on service department wireless infrastructure.
Contains temperature controlled software to control operation in extreme high and low temperatures
New electronic components for improved operation
Shock resistant rubber boots for a shop environment
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